Colorful Motivation Quote Wall – FREE PRINTABLE

Some of us might start to lose motivation to accomplish goals we set for 2017. I certainly did, so I made this motivation planner page to help me stay motivated. It turned out much better than I expected! I decided to release it as a free printable :). Enjoy! Download Free Printable!

Bullet Journal Column and Row Grid Counts Reference – FREE PRINTABLE

If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of time drawing columns and rows in your bullet journal. And you probably need to recount and recalculate the number of grids every time you draw them, right? I stumbled on a quick reference written by a fellow bujoer about how many grids you need […]

A Guide for Making Your Own Custom Planner or Bullet Journal

In the original bullet journal system, Ryder Carroll introduced a running log method that keeps track of your to-dos, events, and note items with just a pen and paper. The bullet journal notebook is supposed to be the only notebook you need to keep your life straight. The system is so incredibly simple, yet effective, […]

My First Goal of 2017 Accomplished and I Want to Thank You!

thank you subscribers

On December 6, 2016 (just three weeks ago), I posted this image on my Instagram account. Have you started working on your 2017 goals? I have been brainstorming what I wish for next year. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Everything is possible! #planneraddict #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournalcommunity #bulletjournaljunkies #bujo #bujocommunity #bujojunkies #wearebujo […]

The Ultimate Guide for Financial Planning in Bullet Journal

bullet journal finance

I have read so many personal finance blogs and books — I have a lifetime worth of personal finance advice! There are so many opinions out there about how you should handle your finance, which I think were tailored to different individuals with different challenges. Some people need to save a few hundreds dollars for […]

Blog Writing Workflow: A Step-by-Step Guide to Produce a High-Quality Blog Post as Fast as Possible

I used to find writing very difficult and boring. I used to think that I’ll never be able to stick to it for a long time. My aversion to writing negatively impacted my business, because it prevented me from generating content that delights and helps my audience, which in turn hurt my chance at getting […]

100++ Bullet Journal Ideas: Spreads, Trackers, and Collections

Bullet journal ideas

One question I have heard a lot of in bullet journal community is: “What could I possibly track in my bullet journal? I need some ideas!” So I decided to do the honor and keep a running list of all possible things to track in your bullet journal!! (Did I just hear crowd cheering?) This […]

Bullet Journal Starter Kit – An Affordable Shopping List for Beginners

bullet journal starter kit

  In today’s post, I am going to talk about the topic I love the most … stationery shopping!! I have seen a lot of questions from people starting bullet journal and wanting to know what are the absolute must-haves for bullet journaling, a.k.a. a bullet journal starter kit. I will keep the budget for […]

Setting up Bullet Journal for New Year (2017)

bullet journal new year

It seems like everybody is talking about setting up their bullet journal for the new year! I really like the energy right around this time of year, where we get to relax and refresh, people are talking about the future, ambitious goals are being made, and fresh new notebooks are coming out of the package! […]

The Infinite Planner Etsy shop – Home of Printable Bullet Journal Templates

Here’s a short and sweet post introducing the Infinite Planner shop, the home of bullet journal templates. I put a lot of hard work into this project, and I am so very proud of what has come out of all that sweat and tears! For the longest time, I sought after planner peace. I have had […]

100++ Bullet Journal Printables ** FREE DOWNLOADS **

I am a printable junkie. That indeed was not a secret at all. So I have been gathering a lot of bullet journal printables from around the web to help you get started with bullet journal and save you tons of time spent drawing your layouts! I truly appreciate all these blog owners who gave out these […]


How I used Bullet Journal and Pomodoro to Combat Procrastination and Attention Deficit

bullet journal adhd procrastination

I have the worst version of what I called ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. It goes like this. I have something I absolutely need to do (say an unavoidable deadline for a very important assignment is approaching, OMG). My mind insists that there is this one side-track (totally unrelated) nifty idea I should pursue right now. Usually […]

How to Start Bullet Journal without Feeling Overwhelmed

how to start a bullet journal

Bullet journal is an analog planning and note-taking system described by Ryder Carroll. He describes his system in a video, which went viral and the bullet journal sensation spread across the globe. Now bullet journal has evolved to something completely different. If you search for bullet journal in Instagram or Pinterest, you will encounter hundreds […]

A Little Bit about Me and Welcome to Infinite Planner!

I have been leaving this blog empty for a while, but today I decided is the day I properly write my first post!   So Hi! Let me introduce myself. I name is Jah. I am starting this blog primarily to share my love for planners and bullet journaling. If you meet me in real […]