How I used Bullet Journal and Pomodoro to Combat Procrastination and Attention Deficit

  I have the worst version of what I called ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. It goes like this. I have something I absolutely need to do (say an unavoidable deadline for a very important assignment is approaching, OMG). My mind insists that there is this one side-track (totally unrelated) nifty idea I should pursue right now. […]

How to Start Bullet Journal without Feeling Overwhelmed

Bullet journal is an analog planning and note-taking system described by Ryder Carroll. He describes his system in a video, which went viral and the bullet journal sensation spread across the globe. Now bullet journal has evolved to something completely different. If you search for bullet journal in Instagram or Pinterest, you will encounter hundreds […]

A Little Bit about Me and Welcome to Infinite Planner!

I have been leaving this blog empty for a while, but today I decided is the day I properly write my first post!   So Hi! Let me introduce myself. I name is Jah. I am starting this blog primarily to share my love for planners and bullet journaling. If you meet me in real […]