How to Print and Use Infinite Planner Printables

How to Print and Use Infinite Planner Printables


This blog post is the ultimate guide to printing bullet journal pages from the Infinite Planner!

TLDR summary: (1) Buy A5 papers, (2) Select A5 page size, (3) Make sure to set Scale to 100%, (4) Save presets for convenient printing later.

Nobody wants to spend hours trying to get their printers to do what they want, so I designed these printable pages with optimal ease of printing in mind. Note that if you have any questions at all while figuring out the printing, please feel free to contact me via Infinite Planner Etsy shop message and I’ll be more than happy to help out.

What paper to use?

I recommend getting a nice pack of A5-sized paper on hand so you can print and journal. If you are a paper junkie and slightly (or wholeheartedly) hate bleed-through, do buy a pack 32lbs A5 papers which is available on Amazon and at the closest Staples or OfficeDepot. For me, I like printing my journal page one-sided and I don’t mind thinner 24lbs papers. I have used both paper varieties for printing with great results.

You can print with your regular US Letter (or A4) papers and cut the page out to A5 size using this cut guide, but in the long run I strongly do NOT recommend that. It is just too time-consuming!

How to Print?

To make sure your printables come out flawless, please follow the instruction below.

1. Open up the file and go to File > Print…

This step should be obvious, duh! Please also load the A5 paper to your printer in Portrait orientation (i.e. with the page entering the print feed by its shorter edge just as you would do for an A4 or US Letter page).

2. Setting up the right paper size and margin.

Your paper may already have an A5 paper on the option. You can feel free to use that setting, since it’s the simplest way to go. 

However, for optimal results I suggest you create a custom print setting as described below to make sure everything lines up as intended and nothing gets cut off.

* These instructions are made in Mac computer, but Windows PC should have similar options available. If you have difficulty following this guide, please feel free to message me.

First, click on the drop-down menu next to Paper Size, you will see a list of paper sizes you can choose from. Click Manage Custom Sizes…



On the left panel, you will see a list of your custom paper sizes, click the plus sign at the bottom of that panel and create a new size. Name it whatever you’d like (ex. ‘Infinite Planner page’). On the right panel, fill in these details for paper size (5.83 inch x 8.27 inch) and paper margin (0.18 inch for all four sides). Click OK.


3. Set the right scaling.

My inserts come out best when printed at original size. To ensure right sizing, set the Scale to 100% like in the image below. Please note in some Adobe software, you’ll select ‘Print at actual size’ to print at 100% scale.


4. Adjust printing quality (optional).  

I love to have the feeling of premium inserts, so I always print at the higher quality setting. If you’d like to do that go to Print Settings…


Then under Print Quality, select either ‘Quality’ or ‘High quality’.


5. Saving print settings for later use.

For your convenience, you want to save all these settings so that when you need Bujo printing again, you can just select this preset and hit Print. To do that, go to Presets and select Save Current Settings as Preset… you will be directed to a dialog box where you can give the preset a name (ex. ‘Infinite Planner preset’) and click save.


I hope this guide helps your bullet journal printing easier. Note that this printing guide is updated frequently as I gather Frequently Asked Questions from people, so please feel free to check back when you encounter problems :).