The Infinite Planner Etsy shop – Home of Printable Bullet Journal Templates

Here’s a short and sweet post introducing the Infinite Planner shop, the home of bullet journal templates. I put a lot of hard work into this project, and I am so very proud of what has come out of all that sweat and tears!

For the longest time, I sought after planner peace. I have had four Erin Condren planners, filofaxes of all sizes, and tons of notebooks lying around. I have also tried all the productivity apps out there (name me any app released on LifeHacker in the last few years, I have tried them all!) Still I didn’t feel like I had my organizational system together in a way to perfectly suit my needs.

When I found out about bullet journal I was impressed with how simple it is to get started and how little effort it is to maintain. After going all in with bullet journal for almost 6 months, I have developed tons of printable pages that I created for my own planner. I realized it’s time to create a shop to share my love for the bullet journal world!


So here we are, the Infinite Planner shop, the place you can find a collection of well-designed printable bullet journal templates!

I have put a lot of thought into designing these pages. First, since bullet journal is about organizing your life with little mental footprint, I designed all pages to be printed quickly and effortlessly. These pages are meant to be printed on A5 papers and inserted into your planner right away. This paper is super cheap, so you can print as many pages as you’d like without breaking the bank! If you want a walk through of the whole process, feel free to check out my simple guide to bullet journal printing.

If you use discbound or ring-bound organizers, these printables are perfect for you! I carefully design each and every page so that they can be punched on either side of the paper without damaging the design.


This means you can arrange my pages however you’d like. Each and every page can be a left page, right page, double-sided page, no problem whatsoever! This is the simplest way to achieve a truly customized planner that fits your life exactly!


I also realized that planning is not just about getting organized. It’s also about having fun and loving what you see on the paper. That’s why I incorporate cute and fun designs to enrich your visual planning experience.









I hope Infinite Planner will make your planning experience more streamlined and more fun! If you have any suggestions for new designs please feel free to message me on the shop, leave me comments on this blog, or contact me by email!