Year - month - week - day
layouts with rich hyperlinks.

Custom sections +
lots of fun inserts.

300+ stickers, widgets,
and editable labels.

Effective design, minimal style
Great value!


How to import the planner into Goodnotes

Getting started in 30 seconds. Import the planner pdf into Goodnotes, Notability or your favorite pdf markup app.

Navigating the planner

In this tutorial, we demo the hyperlink navigation through Infinite Digital Planner. Easily jump to the desired year, month, week, and day with rich links. Plus, we explain our menu items and Outlines shortcuts.

How to use custom sections and inserts

You can add custom sections to Infinite Digital Planner to fit your needs. Custom sections + free bonus inserts can be used to track and collect notes for different areas of your life, such as fitness, finance, and school work.

How to use planner stickers

Infinite Digital Planner includes a free Planner Sticker Book that allows you to customize all layouts with perfectly fit widgets. In this tutorial we walk through the basics of digital planner stickers and demo some more advanced uses.