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Colorful Motivation Quote Wall – FREE PRINTABLE

Some of us might start to lose motivation to accomplish goals we set for 2017. I certainly did, so I made this motivation planner page to help me stay motivated. It turned out much better than I expected! I decided to release it as a free printable :). Enjoy! Download Free Printable!

My First Goal of 2017 Accomplished and I Want to Thank You!

On December 6, 2016 (just three weeks ago), I posted this image on my Instagram account. Have you started working on your 2017 goals? I have been brainstorming what I wish for next year. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Everything is possible! #planneraddict #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournalcommunity #bulletjournaljunkies #bujo #bujocommunity #bujojunkies #wearebujo […]

The Ultimate Guide for Financial Planning in Bullet Journal

I have read so many personal finance blogs and books — I have a lifetime worth of personal finance advice! There are so many opinions out there about how you should handle your finance, which I think were tailored to different individuals with different challenges. Some people need to save a few hundreds dollars for […]

Setting up Bullet Journal for New Year (2017)

It seems like everybody is talking about setting up their bullet journal for the new year! I really like the energy right around this time of year, where we get to relax and refresh, people are talking about the future, ambitious goals are being made, and fresh new notebooks are coming out of the package! […]