A Little Bit about Me and Welcome to Infinite Planner!

I have been leaving this blog empty for a while, but today I decided is the day I properly write my first post!  

So Hi! Let me introduce myself. I name is Jah. I am starting this blog primarily to share my love for planners and bullet journaling. If you meet me in real life you would not have guessed I am one of the planner girls. In my day job, I teach college-level computer science and work as a tech consultant. You will see me babbling about math and algorithms all day (like the nerd that I am). At home though, I spend lots of time with my giant piles of planners, pens, and stickers — and a little bit of time with my very understanding husband :).

I am starting this blog at an interesting time of my life. I love my day job in tech and academia (a lot of fun stuff happening there everyday); on the other hand, I found myself addicted to the world of entrepreneurs. I always wanted to own a business since I was a little girl. When I was 10, I used to publish handmade magazines and sold them to my pen pals (I proudly made $0.50 profit with that idea). I also wrote 2 poetry books (thank god they were not published) and recorded a kid’s story podcast (which then became a birthday gift for my best friend). So yes, I was a boss. At some point before college, I decided that I am a bright person and math is for bright people, so I decided to study math and loved it too. Fast forward 11 years, here I am enjoying my academic life.

Even though my life has taken an interesting turn, I have always tried to start a business. During PhD, while I was stressing out about writing dissertation, I started an Etsy shop (after a handful of less than successful entrepreneurial endeavors on my track record throughout college). I have zero knowledge about arts and taught myself Adobe Illustrator from scratch. After a lot of sweat and tears, the shop has taken off and became quite successful. That shop has given me quite a bit of passive income, which reduced a lot of stress in my life. Two years after starting my first shop, here I am now trying to start another Easy shop, Infinite Planner. While there are so many creative genius planner ladies out there, I hope to be an example of an art-illiterate person that has a cute planner too, yeah!

I have learned a lot… a LOT of things from my past successes and failures. So this time around, I want to start a business that is an extension of the wiser me. I want to create values, to share my experiences, my knowledge, and inspire others to take actions towards their dreams. This blog is where I intend to share everything. I will not only blog about planners, but also how to actually achieve your planned dreams (isn’t that what a planner is for?). I will also ramble about self-development, entrepreneurship, and technology (I am a tech person after all). I hope you enjoy this one-of-its-kind blog in the planet internet :)!

With love and hugs,